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Hurricane Sustainable Green Products & Technology

HB Enterprises, LLC, is a South Florida company whose primary market is the

Caribbean. Our founder is originally from the Caribbean and has direct experience

working and advocating for the Region’s economic development and growth. The recent 2017 disastrous impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria, on the Region, accompanied by massive housing loss, electric grid failures, loss of lives, lack of food and water are very

disheartening to us. Thus, recognizing the urgent need for life-saving non-electric reliant equipment and products, we have expanded our focus area for Sustainable Green Products and Technology.

We represent manufacturers of solar and battery-operated appliances for both

medical and residential use. We now offer unique green and technologically advanced

products, devices and equipment that are ideal for disaster rebuild areas. We also have access to other disaster relief supplies, construction products, and affordable hurricane resistant housing systems that are ideal for disaster rebuild initiatives.

"Designed to save and improve lives"

Fort Lauderdale, Florida --- November 28, 2017

We are a resourceful and unique company, that is always researching and

identifying new, best practice and technologically advanced products. We are capable of also managing your shipping and delivery logistics. Our operating philosophy is to provide all customers with “value-added personalized service.”

HB Enterprises, LLC, is very interested in helping you recover and re-establish

normalcy. Please let us know how we may assist you with your disaster recovery and rebuilding initiatives. As a commitment to those in need, from purchases made, we will donate a portion of our profit to worthy humanitarian causes. We will also recommend that our manufacturers consider donating to some aspect of your rebuild program.
















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Supporting Miami's Gibson Charter School

"Helping Under-privileged Children" Miami, Florida ---- May 23, 2018

In May 2017, HB Enterprises’ President & Chief Operating Officer, Hugh B. Bailey participated in Gibson Charter School first Career Day. On May 23, 2018, he again participated in there 2nd Career Day. Mr. Bailey loves to help children dream about a bright future and engage them in talking about their career aspirations and how to get there. He also shared his career path with them and explained the importance of staying in school, being mannerly, asking questions, avoiding trouble and being respectful of each other. Mr. Bailey enjoyed seeing the gleam in their eyes as they expressed their ideas and asked inquisitive thought-provoking questions.

In April 2017, while attending a business luncheon, Mr. Bailey met an 11- year old Gibson Charter School student, Isaiah Sawyer, who won first prize in the Turner Construction Elementary School Design Competition. Mr. Bailey was impressed with Isaiah’s winning design - a drone to be used to transport building materials on construction sites, that he chose to mentor him. That relationship has mushroomed into a strong working relationship with Isaiah and his parent, as well as the school, its Principal and her team.

United States Jamiacan Diaspora Help Fight Jamaican Hypertension

Fort Lauderdale, Florida -------November 7, 2012 ------ On October 15, 2012, the United States Jamaican Diaspora donated and delivered to Jamaica much needed sphygmomanometers (blood pressure measuring devices) to help fight the island’s hypertension epidemic. The fundraising efforts for the sphygmomanometers was spear-headed by Dr. Cheryl Holder, a member of the Southern United States Jamaican Diaspora and it’s representative on the Jamaican Diaspora Health Sector Committee, in cooperation with the National Medical Association’s local society James Wilson Bridges, M.D. Medical Society.

The Sphygmomanometers were sourced by HB Enterprises, a Jamaican owned global procurement and distribution company. The US Jamaican Diaspora raised funds to purchase and supply 36 devices to be shared amongst several hospitals through-out Jamaica. According to Dr. Susan Lycett Davis, Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board Member – Southern USA and Dr. Cheryl Holder, “since the Southern US Region was responsible for fund raising for Portland and St. Mary, special instructions were given to Jamaica’s Ministry of Health to ensure that Sphygmomanometers were delivered to hospitals in both parishes.”

In October 2011, The Jamaican Diaspora Health Care Sector and Friends of Jamaica, in association with the Ministry of Health, conducted a health care Fact Finding Mission. The team identified critical areas of health care needs within Jamaica and believes this collaborative network amongst all entities can play a vital role to address issues such as hypertension and related heart diseases. The Jamaican Diaspora and Friends of Jamaica agreed to equip healthcare facilities across the island with 1000 blood pressure machines by February 2013. In this regard, the Jamaican Diaspora is actively continuing its fund raising initiative to donate the remaining sphygmomanometers next year in time for the planned Advancement in Medicine and Health Care 2013 Conference from February 25 to March 2, in Jamaica.

According to Dr. Cheryl Holder, “we thank Mr. Hugh B. Bailey, President & COO of HB Enterprises for his patience and diligence in working with the Health Care Sector. We are also grateful to HB Enterprises and Sea Board Marine for providing complimentary shipping from Miami to Kingston. We also thank Ms. Ava Timberlake – Director, International Cooperation in Health at the Ministry of Health for her coordination of efforts in Jamaica. Lastly, we thank all fund contributors who made it possible to donate the life saving blood pressure measuring devices to the people of Jamaica.”

If you wish to make a contribution to the Jamaican Diaspora Health Care Sector’s Blood Pressure Measuring Device Fund Raising Initiative, please contact Dr. Cheryl Holder at nmajwbms@gmail.com or donate at www.jwbms.org.

Career Opportunity

Seeking highly driven Distributors or Sales/Market Representatives to independently develop and manage distribution channels for export/import services in the Caribbean Region & Latin America. If you have experience and contacts, respectively, in the Medical Procurement | Construction Materials & FF&E Procurement | Shipping | Branding and Promotional Products industries, please contact us. For non-English speaking countries, bi-lingual English speakers are preferred. Earning potential is limitless for the right candidates. If interested, please submit a cover letter and credentials to sales@hbenterprisesllc.com.